Thursday, November 21, 2013


Teachers, their sole per pose is to teacher children and teens the basic knowledge. Some of the teachers today struggle with running a classroom. We want the kids to learn but times are changing and children are getting more difficult to teach. We have more special needs kids, and more children of race and as teacher we need to teach in such a way that we get a response from all. We need to explore our students and understand what teaching methods best fit them. For most in what Corinne McKamey has wrote about in her article 'Uncovering and managing unconscious ways of 'looking'' teachers need to be more invited and not just sitting at their desk and listen to their teacher talk to them. The classroom needs to be more engaging and exciting for all. As for student teacher relationship that needs to become more of a bond where the teacher is trusted and therefore the student making sure that whom ever the student or teacher is isn't crossing that line and becoming best friends. Youth and Action has talked about this many times and one of their staff members seems to become a mast at from what I have observed in class. 

This whole topic made me thing of two teachers in my life that have done exactly what Corinne McKamey would see as a good educator. First is was my forth grade teacher and he was the best. He would turn our lessons into fun educational games and we all wanted to play. Spelling bee basketball was my favorite and face-off with multiplication tables. Face-off went as far as playing other classes and ours always won! Even against the sixth graders. We were so proud and it got us so motivated as a whole class. The other teacher was my senior year english teacher. Everyone loved her she was fun and exciting as well. And our lessons always had an activity. One that  can remember was when we were reading hamlet the whole class had a part and we all had to stand up and act it out. And eventual after writing a paper on it we got to go to New York city and see it on broadway with Jude Law as hamlet! It was great but not only was this teacher fun she was so helpful and you could go to her for anything. We always had students from other classrooms coming in to get help from her for their senior projects I was just lucky enough to have her and man with out her I don't think I would have graduated high school. 

Being an extra ordinary teacher is super important in the world that we live in today. It is always changing and teacher need to know that they as well need to change with the world. Everyone learns differently and some need a caring teacher and some need that tuff love teacher. But it is up to the teacher to find out what child needs what. 

This video is a little long but so great !!! It is about a teacher and he is amazing !! 


  1. So much great stuff in this post!
    I love this line "I was just lucky enough to have her and man with out her I don't think I would have graduated high school." I can tell there are a lot of stories underneath that line. You are lucky!

    The video was amazing! Such an inspiring and vulnerable teacher and father. Thanks for sharing.

    The examples of caring teachers you give in your post have a big connection with youth development principles -- yes? Looking forward to talking more about this tomorrow!

  2. The teacher in that video was amazing. He was a great teacher and father who truly cared. I remember the chemistry class next to mine was always laughing and blowing stuff up it reminded me of Mr. Wrights class. I remember being next door thinking I wish I was in that class. Even from the classroom over you can recognize a good teacher.

  3. You are lucky that you were able to have inspiring teachers. It always makes me wonder how some of these people who are given jobs as "teachers" keep their job. Some of the teachers I have had read directly out of the books. This is unfortunate that there are people out there that are able to keep their job from giving lessons in this way, there is no lesson provided from re-reading someone else's information.

  4. Megan that was a great video. He is an educator that takes his personal experiences to help youth learn. I can relate to his personal growth as a father. I may not be a father but I understand the change in the family demographic to have someone who has a disability. This video was extremely inspirational. This educator took his tools and experience to help educate youth and keep them interested in their education. Many teachers don't know how to do that. The methods he used in his teachings are what you brought up teaching to everyone. Keeping a specific task and goal to achieve yet using different strategies to keep the youth interested. Great post =).

  5. This video was great, he's very inspiring. If there were more teachers like this, the impact it would have on youth would make this world a much better place