Thursday, November 14, 2013

Get Involved !

In reading Kohn's article it made me think a lot about my CEP Class that I took a couple of semesters ago. And at once point we were disscussing how parents and or guardians should never say no to a child. The reason being that we as caretakers need to explain our reasoning of no. I completely agree that we should never say just no. We also talked about how caretakers should all in all not say no at all because it is sending negativity toward the child. We should instead say things like "kyle we shouldn't talk that way about each other because we can hurt there feelings" Vs "No Kyle don't say that". When we use the word no with no explanation we are not teaching the child the difference between right and wrong even though it seems like we are.
In this article Kohn also talks about middle and lower class children and the after school programs that they attend. I think it is very important for children of these families to attend as their life is not the  easiest and they should not have to deal with their parents struggles. But I also think that parents should be more involved when they are sending their children to an after school program. It is important for them to know what is going on with their children. What are they doing there, do they like it, and what are they getting out of their time there. All thing parents or guardians should keep in mind. A parent caring about their child is the best thing for their child even if they need to for get about all the hard ships they are going through. Sometime's we need to put that away for our child !


  1. Working with youth and especially young children it is extremely important that we explain ourselves to children and explain reasoning behind our decisions. I also think though that as leaders we need to try and question the child about their decisions. I have noticed that working in the head start program they try to promote asking a lot of questions to the children and you can tell that with every question you ask it gets the wheels turning in their head.

  2. Megan I like how you ran with the fact of educating youth on what is "no." I remember my parents doing the whole no because I said so... It never settled the hunger for understanding what or why I couldn't do something. It reinforced the fact that I want to do it and I still don't know why I shouldn't.