Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Event #2

I attended Acceptance day to talk about our major to in coming freshmen. Trying to let them know that youth and development is and option and how great it actually is. I thought that I did well explaining our major. I told them my experience and how it ended up being such a better fit for myself. I did observe that a lot of parents were trying to direct their children's attention away from us because they don't know what are major is yet. They only saw the bigger majors but I hope that one day we will be the major with that line of people.

Event #1

I attended a conference before the semester started. I learned about working with the youth with behavior and tools on how to interact or handle these children. I loved this convention and thought that it was great. I learned so much about how to talk to students with behavior and also how we need to open our eyes! Their might be a lot going on in there lives and we need to stop and notice and think about why the child might be acting out. Another tool that I learned was to be care on the way we ask questions. Try to ask questions with no room for a yes or no answer. These are just some of the things that I learned I defiantly recommend for people to attend this event if possible.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Final Intership Project !


That's right for my internship project I got to help and work along side with the director and the manager putting on the famous ballet the Nutcracker. It was a great experience to learn the behind the scenes. I have been in lots of nutcrackers starting off as an angel and ending at getting to be in snow and even having a solo in the party scene as a doll. So I have went through the performing and rehearsing process many times before but never the behind the scenes of costumes, props, casting, music, and leading rehearsal. It is so much time and work. I have learned so much and I loved working with the children they are so cute and get so excited!
I have done everything that could be thought of for the show. I will defiantly use what I have learned in the future. Especially the parts where I worked with the youth and there families. I think having those experiences are the most important ones to have because I will now have a better understanding and also more confidence on working with parents and there children. I think that is the make or break to working with the youth because you want to build professional relationships in the field it makes for a better environment and a better work place. To see some photos from the nutcracker that I helped put together click on the link below

The Nutcracker

Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio

If the link doesn't work go to www.Carolyndutradancestudio.com