Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Event # 2

For the second event I attended Open house for in coming freshman in 2014. There I go to talk about my major and try to help out other students that could potentially fall into the same position as me. Where I was an education major but just wasn't fitting in. And now I am part of a family. And I am glad that we were able to show these students that we actually are a family and that we are not just a major where you come in and end up hating your job. I find that in what we are doing in our major you will defiantly know if it is the right fit for you.
       At this event we had matching shirts, candy, and music. I mean who wouldn't want to join. We looked like so much fun and instead of a teacher The actual Students in the program represented it I think that is Awesome !


Event #1

For event one me and a couple of other students when to a presentation for youth and development. It was in Horace Mann in one of the meeting rooms. This meeting was about youth and development and how it is located around the world. The place we got to talk about was Israel and our presenter was also from Israel herself. She is a youth and development work and instructor at there at the college her name was Osnat Nisanov. It was kind of funny because at first she didn't even look like she was from Israel. Then when she stood up and introduced herself I knew she was are speaker. She spoke very broken English but I could kind of make out what she was saying. 

                  She talked about youth and development in her country and I found it very interesting. The idea of youth development is pretty much the same but the way that there students learn it compared to the way that we are learning it is completely different. My understanding is that we at Rhode Island College Learn about youth and development and take classes for youth and development and even take class the will just improve our skills that much more. We learn as much as we can to prepare our self for the field. In Israel they do the opposite. They Do the field work before and class after. Talking about what they did in there field work and their experiences. I find it kind of interesting and I wonder what system works better. I could tell by a couple of Osnat Nisanov peers that came with her that they like there system better. 
                     However what I enjoyed most about this presentation was that she had her students write little essays about what they have been doing in the field and why they love it. It was great to hear and even see pictures of them enjoying their work. Seeing this made me really realize that this is where I should be !