Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog Blog Blog !!

By blogging we are able to reflect on our own thoughts and values, and see how other people may differ with their own thoughts or opinions. Blogging enables us to write out our own experiences and express ourselves so that anyone is able to access and read about them. In having these documented experiences, ideas, or images we can see ourselves grow and develop throughout time.

Encouraging youth to blog provides these abilities. They can have these memories instilled, and as opposed to paper, it is something that is held in a concrete database that can be accessed for lengths of time. We want youth to be able to feel comfortable to express themselves and have these entries to look back on . It is easier for youth to use technology as a basis for writing down their thoughts, and allows more flexibility then a paper to show creativity and proof of knowledge on given topics.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Digital Age

I read Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. This article is all about technology and who it has effected, those of us who have had it all around us since we were  born compared to those who grew up without it.  "Our children today are being socialized in a way that is vastly different from their parents." (Prensky) This quote is getting ready to explain how much differently children today communicate and hangout vs. how their parents use to communicate and hang out. For examples I know that when I am about to hangout with someone instead of beeping or getting out of the car and going to the door I will text them to let them know I am here.

Now if I am to do this every time how do I become friendly with their parents? I remember when I was little and technology was not to big but getting there I never went on the computer or my cell phone I use to call my friend on the phone and talk for hours I had to remember phone numbers and when we hung out it was playing on the street all day long. My mom and dad use to tell me their stories about how they use to be the same way. My little cousins now don't even bother and the one who is nine years old already has a cell phone at which she is on all the time. This quote relates to the text because it is what the text is based on natives being children and interments being parents as they are foran to this whole technology era.The text also goes more into the education side of technology and its effects on students who attend school. This article is based on the pros and cons of technology with in and educational environment. "Sure they have short attention spans - for the old ways of learning," says professor. (Pernsky) This quote is being more direct toward students in schools and how teachers are dealing with this technology age. Depending on the teacher if they are old or young will change their view on how they feel about technology. The older teachers feel that it is a waist of time and a big distraction and that it is not helping the minds of there students, also that it is making students not do home work or paying attention in class. Students today are more distracted with talking to their friends during class then listening to their teacher. Younger teachers on the other hand find technology to be helpful and easy when used properly. They too though have grown up around technology.  This quote goes back to relate to the text because it is talking about how the natives are effective in school and also how there are immigrants within their learning environment. Another quote to go along with this "As educators, we need to be thinking about how to teach both legacy and future content in the language of the digital natives." (Prensky) This quote is thinking from an educators point of view. It makes a good point in that educators need to remember that we are evolving and there is no stopping the technology. What we can do is try to learn it ourselves so that educators can keep up with there students. To keep their students attention span long enough they must become good with the technology. This quote relates because it says that teachers need to start teaching in the old and new to get a good balance.