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Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Want The Power !

I have just read and article on YIA ( Youth in Action ) And watched a video on a YIA documentary. Both of these discussions were so great and Powerful! The people and volunteers within these programs really want the best for the communities and the youth. They both share great moments about all these people coming together and working together in ways people today should be working. The YIA are all about pulling the youth generation together and making them united as a whole. I felt like the YIA was more focused on not only community but the children with in their communities. I also read that they would like to expand which I think is a great thing that I can only hope will happen. I think it is great that they teach kids and give them the support that they don't get in school because that is a big issue with schools today they fail to complete there task which in the end it preparing their students for the outside world.

YIA is all about the people and trying to make a voice for the youth. It seems as though the adults forget about us youth and we are the future! We are the main focus or at least we should be. This is where the documentary that I also watched comes into play. This program that they offered in Texas was a perfect way to help adults come together in a "Gathering" is what they called it to learn and build these foundations that we can start to build up our community and youth together. This gathering had lots of great information and they were building their own community of youth and development with in this gathering learning from on another. This is how it should be all the time in every school and afterschool program children learning from one another, " speaking their own opinion" as the YIA would say because that is how we learn from others experiences and them sharing their experiences with each other. This is why I love youth and development and I can see a bright future as we are moving in the right direction. We are come fully charged !

The Link to the documentary : Youth in Action Documentary

The Link to Youth in Action : http://www.youthinactionri.org/


  1. Megan, I find your statement "It seems as though the adults forget about us youth and we are the future" to be compelling. Although the we are the future statement is overused at times, it still remains to be true. The compelling part though, was you the use of "we" and "us". I had a conversation sometime in August with someone who was not in college at a conference that had students in its name though it was trying to be inclusive. The definition of what is considered youth in the US is still debated though in the grand scheme of life, we are still youth. It also steps away from the us vs. them perspective and our need to fix them.

  2. Megan,

    Reading your blog I felt like you hit on the topic I brought up in my own. That giving youth the ability to express themselves seemed to show so much development. When I was reading some of the entries in the article I felt as though I was reading the writing of a fully grown person's. These youth have been given the choice to speak out, but to do so in a way that is educated and constructive.

  3. I clipped the exact same phrase that Justin did: "It seems as though the adults forget about us youth and we are the future!" I think it is powerful to align with youth as a collective "us." I also think that as you begin practicing as a youth worker, you will need to think about how to pull out and think of yourself as I-we-us. As an adult ally, you have a position that is slightly different than the collective "us" of youth you serve. Leadership is in how you manage that privileged position over time and in collaboration with youth.

  4. Megan,

    I love the title you gave this blog! It sums it all up. I agree with you when you say adults forget about the youth. I was just reading Anthony's blog and I mentioned the same thing. I think adults forget the youth have a voice as well! Sometimes youth have even better ideas then adults but they are not given the opportunity to present an idea. This is where amazing Youth Development leaders like us come in and give them a voice! :)

  5. "It seems as though the adults forget about us youth and we are the future!" I agree with everyone else very good thought I was thinking that same thing but couldn't get it out on paper.lol