Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's off to work they go !

High ho high ho it is off to work they go....... Or at least that is what they believed back in the early 1900's. Children should learn how to work because that is what is important! Helping out parents with money and learning what it is to work. Education is not important but getting a job is. These children would start working as soon as they were able. The responsibilities that were bestowed upon them were so extreme. Adult employers saw them as cheap workers that could get the job done. In the article The Society Pages, Gwen Sharp says "Most of us would be shocked by the level of adult responsibilities children were routinely expected to shoulder a century ago." Gwen is right I am shocked!
I believe that children should start working "easy" jobs when they are around the age of 15 or 16. I believe this because I think having a good work ethic at a young age can be eye opening for the future. However I am not saying that I think a 7 year old should go out and get a job. I think that children should have a fun, positive, and learning childhood or when are they going to have it? I am 21 and to this day even though I have a job and a couple of bills my mom tells me to go out and have fun because once I get a real job and real bills play time is over. I agree with my mother, she taught me and my brother to work for what we want. But also provided us as a parent. Some parents today will just give their children what they want and spoil them. That is doing right by your child.
I also do not like where some of these children worked. Their health must have been very poor. Especially those who worked with mining. Not only did their health decrease but a lot of these children were put in danger and I don't understand how Adults could just sit and not say anything or do anything for so long. If it wasn't for child labor laws who knows where we would be today?
Which brings me to my next question and the reasoning for my title in snow white it shows the seven dwarfs going to work and singing a work song. In the movie the dwarfs don't mind because that is what they are meant to do. The film was released in 1937 at that same time second attempts to ratify constitutional amendments for the federal government the authority to regulate child labor falls short. (Child Labor History) So it makes you wonder the dwarfs were portrayed as old but dwarf is also little people. At that time children were still working. Was Walt Disney trying to send a message? Is it just Ironic? Or was the movie trying to show children that it is fun to work? 

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